taking human motion

          in a new direction    

KIINCE (KEEN-say) has developed a clinical therapeutic device for distribution to hospitals and clinics to help stroke patients retrain the fundamentals of balance required for walking. The core technology provides novel feedback that allows users to drive a normal walking pattern only when appropriate neuromuscular coordination is employed.

‚ÄčKIINCE was founded by a University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW) neuromechanics researcher, a serial angel and venture-backed entrepeneur, and a biomedical engineer. Commercialization began in 2014, building on recent Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) patents that embody pioneering published research. KIINCE won a $200,000 competitive grant from the UW Discovery-to- Product (D2P) program to complete prototype development, perform clinical evaluation, and pursue commercialization.


Kinetic Immersive Interfaces for Neuromuscular Coordination Enhancement

A New State-of-the-Art

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