taking human motion

          in a new direction    

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​Active Patient Involvement

Targeting Fundamentals 

Effectiveness emerges from requiring specific user participation to learn a targeted muscle coordination. Measured muscle activation output controls motion of the device. Users safely explore the boundaries of their coordination capabilities and receive feedback to facilitate practice of correct coordination.  

Recent research on human walking reveals a particular muscle coordination pattern critical to maintaining upright posture. Evidence also indicates how that coordination may be altered in a detrimental manner in populations presenting with impaired walking, particularly following a stroke. A KIINCE device is programmed to retrain this fundamental coordination pattern thus addressing walking impairment at its source.  

A novel approach

Welcome back to independent walking

Kinetic Immersive Interfaces for Neuromuscular Coordination Enhancement

KIINCE is a company with a fresh approach to helping people reach their mobility objectives. Our novel and proprietary method of human motor performance training promises targeted, profound developments in motor function. 

Our clinical device bridges the latest advances in human neuromotor control research with a friendly user interface to maximize the positive impact of the user experience. ​The company's initial focus on walking is driven by significant recent advances in understanding of human muscle coordination and by the millions of people in need of effective gait restoration therapy.